Knock, knock…no answer

Knock, knock…no answer

This morning, while my husband took the kiddos swimming, I decided to pack up at the hotel and take a long lingering shower. While toweling off, I heard a little scratching noise. Still in just my towel, I looked around to find the source of the sound. Again, this little scratching noise. Upon going to the door to peer out, thinking the kids were returning, the maid was coming in. Luckily I put my foot against the already cracked door. We still had 4 hours until check out! How uncomfortable if I was still showering and unable to brace the door in time!

How could this happen? Hearing. Without my aids, the sound of the bathroom fan, and let’s not forget the tinnitus, I am deaf. So knock away maid, I could not hear you. Maybe hotel rooms should install flashing lights. Or maybe I should check in as “disabled”. Tough times.


The Mess



This summer we discovered this sign in one of our favorite Pentwater shops. Since hanging it in the kitchen, it has been the constant source of conversation. Busy moms and a few dads have nodded, smiled, and even hailed a few “Amens!” upon seeing the sentiment.
If I had additional space, it would say “Sorry about the mess, but we live, laugh, play, sing, dance, and enjoy life here”.

Daily Dose

Daily Dose

Life is speeding by. Leaving little time for my beloved blogging. So I decided to shorten things up. Quick daily, or as life allows, doses of life.

Daily dose #1
Let’s call this one “Of course”
After five days with a fever, it was time to take E to the doctor. The night before the appointment, of course R wakes up screaming with a fever. Now I am home with two sick ones. Taking two in is never fun, but off to the doctor in a downpour. So of course when we arrive E’s fever has left the building and R’s is now in full rage. And of course it’s just a virus that needs to run its course. Of course there are throat ulcers, that look and sound bad, but of course you should head home and rest. Of course when we arrive home, E’s fever spikes back up. Of course it does.

No business, like snow business

No business, like snow business

We are buried. Stuffed. Compacted up the wahoo with white stuff. So much so that is attempting to break in through windows. Slowing seeping down from the third story into window after window after window. I have had enough. Almost daily for 3 weeks my husband has raked, shoveled, and thrown the stuff. To no avail. And now, more is on the way.

And it’s not just our home, it is also breaking into our work…school. 9 days already. Each one needed. Now our winter will run summer into fall.

Snow business is crazy! Roof rake, shovels, 3rd story roof inspection, special driveway salt safe for the dog, snow plowing, roof ice melts…in addition to the heating bill! My anxiety level is through said 3rd story roof!

I like snow. Beautiful, fresh, fun. But this winter? I’m ready to throw in the towel and call it quits. Siri just informed me that there are 44 days until Spring. Let’s just say Siri and I are now on a break. He’s muted.

Tonight I’m praying to Boreas the God of the North cold and Winter, God, Mother Earth, Jesus, Old Man Winter, Saint Sebald, Zeus, any and all weather influencing beings…”Stop the insanity! Enough all ready! If snow business is your business, back off a little! Yeah I’m talking to you!”






Heard this Today


Today during my planning, a student stopped in to talk about his grades.  Anxious to bring up all of his grades, he asked to redo assignments, write an essay, extra credit, ANYTHING.  Now, this kid is nice, helpful in class, but not one to go the extra mile.  After offering a few options and a pat on the back, I pried. Why the new interest? “My grandma smokes a lot. She keeps telling she’ll quit when I get As and Bs. I hate her smoking. I’m the only one that cares.”

Geez Grandma! Just quit! This kid cares so deeply for you and you are failing to see it.

I am so proud of this kid. I love my job!

Trust Your Power


Derrick Coleman of the Seattle Seahawks has a new fan. This Duracell ad rendered me speechless and eager to share. I recently had a hearing aid rep say, in response to setting up my new aids, “you are a teacher…with that loss (looking at my audiogram)…amazing”. The thing is, I never knew any different. Growing up I had a classmate with a severe hearing loss, she struggled through every aspect of life. Early on I knew that I wanted a “normal” life. Friends, an education, an engaging life, and most importantly a family. This path was and is not easy. In fact as I age and my kids grow older, it gets more difficult. Harder to hear, more frustrations (them and mine), and tiring. Trying to hear and listen wears me out. But I know this is who I am and my path, though rocky at times, is what I am meant to do. I am a mom, a wife, friend, and teacher. My hearing impairment is a part of me, but not all of me. Derrick Coleman. Inspirational. “Trust your power”

Rambling Notes to Self


1. Sending the kids outside to play so I can mop is counterproductive.

2. Raking on a windy day is like, well, see number one.

3. There are two kinds of clean; surface, guests are coming over tonight or deep, as in OCD relative will be arriving in 2 weeks, start now!

4. Vacuuming, in a house with a dog and 3 kids, is a full time job.

5. Your hair, make up and clothes only look perfect for the few minutes before the kids hug, slobber, breathe on you. After that, you look decent at best.

6. Telling my kids, “Clean your room” really means shuffle or shove things around until mom sweeps in to do it her way.

7. Meal planning while “time of the month” means I don’t want it, it’s not what I was craving, let’s go out.

8. As each year passes, I seem to be writing an increased number of notes. On the fridge, by the counter, plastered on mirrors, everywhere. Sometimes at night I empty my pockets only to discover notes reminding me to read notes. Must be my age.