education, family, parenting, small town living

Snow day!

It is amazing how therapeutic a snow day is!  Even without being able to sleep in, I’m chilling in my flannels, sipping a mug of joe, and peacefully watching the trio destroy the playroom.  Outside, the frightful weather is delightful through the large window into the backyard world.  Scampering squirrels, snacking birds, and a quietly babbling creek are also relishing in the peaceful snow day.  Once the sun rises and the temp warms, that tranquil backyard will be our discovery zone.  What animal track is that?  How deep is the snow?  Has the pond froze over?  Oh, and the sledding, sledding, sledding!  Snow day means family day in our household.    So dust off your boots, strap on snow pants and get out to enjoy the gift of today, snow day!


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