Mama Scissorhands


I still cannot believe I did it.  Quick as a hummingbird’s wings, they were gone, forgotten, tossed away like moldy bread.  It happened so quickly that afterwards I just stared at the remnants of my undoing.  The  candy cotton pink footed PJs  now without stepping warmth.  Really did I just cut off the footed PJs?  Yes, yes I did.  Why?  That is an intriguing question.  Did I cut to save money?  Was the amputation to allow for human growth (an oxymoron?)?  Both.  The procedure was performed to end headaches, well in this to end the Z Chinese dynasty feet binding practice.  No trip to the podiatrist for the Zs.  Next surgical event is scheduled for Saturday.  Kid 3 is growing, his walking phalanges curling under.  Time to get out the scissors, prep the table, wipe my brow – cha ching, a few more cents saved.

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  1. Funny! My mom cut the feet off of ours when we were kids because some doctor told her it wasn’t good to cover our feet that way when we had fevers. As a barefooter, I have to think he knew what he was talking about. Anyway, Penny and I slept in flood-waiters after that.

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