What is fair?


Today I learned another great life lesson in fairness.  The hard way.  Back in middle school I learned that life isn’t fair, that sometimes it just sucks.  That’s when you pull on your big girl panties, blot away the tear stained cheeks, and face it, it is what it is.  Growing up, I wanted a miracle cure for my hearing impairment, some top secret drug therapy to “fair” up my life.  Well, with big girl Hanes on, a few “huh?” jokes in pocket roos, I accepted, it is what it is.  I can either accept it or deal with it.  The difference is that by accepting it, I own it, it is me, I am it.  Just dealing with it would have meant living with the elephant in the room, how bothersome.

Today’s lesson in fairness, brought back those same feelings of despair, longing, and confusion of who am I?  What is fair?  I got hit by an unfair railroaded train engineered by a misinformed, overzealous spirit.  Fair, what is it really?  Everyday my door opens, I am reminded that sometimes people are dealt lives that just plain suck, often not their fault.  Yeah today I was handed a really crappy hand and I didn’t even know the game being played.  But as I sit here contemplating my next move, I remember that my big girl panties got me through some tough times.  Guess I better dust them off, stretch them out, suck it up – it really is what it is.

So tomorrow when that train comes barreling down that misdirected track, I will hike up my waist band and except that sometimes my path will cross paths with that elephant.  And do you know what I’ll say?  Thank you.  Yep thank you.  Thank you for reminding me of why I went into Special Education, fairness.  I am an advocate for this child, that adult, any soul searching for the meaning of fairness and understanding.  Thank you big girl panties for not falling down, giving out, or leaving me bare.

Life.  It is what it is.

Is it fair?

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