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Second hand

Occasionally I’ll pursue second-hand stores looking for that ultimate bargain.  Like the name $89.95 name brand shoes that I snagged with the store stickers and tags still on the shoes for a staggering $9.99.  When it comes to kids clothes, I shop black bags, storage bins, and cardboard boxes.

After my oldest was born, he started inheriting a vast array of hand me downs.  Over his 5 years of existence, we have been blessed to receive a vast supply of clothes, everything from oneies to boots to Halloween costumes.  Rarely do we have to purchase clothing attire for our three kiddos.  When Miki was 3, I went through the 3Ts box only to discover no khakis and only one pair of jeans.  What was I to do?  I was treading new ground, having to actually buy clothes, not out of cuteness, but out of necessity!  Oh the pain my pocket-book felt!

Now when I get the latest delivery of Christmas 12 months a year box, I sort through it.  Carefully the clothes are sorted by sizes, condition, and item.  Next the pieces are organized and stowed away in closets.  As the newest apparel comes in, the closet shelves are resorted, shifted, and ready for the next growth spurt.

Through this process our youngest often sports the latest fashions, better than the half decade old Miki hand me downs.  But really, it does not matter, it’s the kid that makes the clothes.  Rudi can flash his mischievous smile and the 70s leisure suit or bell bottoms look like a million bucks.  I’ve known the mother of these smancy clothes for a few years and occasionally we hang out.  What’s interesting is that we are good enough friends for her to message me when she wants our kids to get together, but only after others have said no. Or another friend who loves to pass on clothes; however, recently said that she is over the hand me downs for her child. Ouch, my stuff ain’t good enough!  Feelings aside, pocketbook untouched, I think about how the vintage, new to us items have fortified ours lives with experiences, travel, and lessons in living a full life.

I am a second-hand friend and you know what, I’m okay with that.

3 thoughts on “Second hand”

  1. I recently read an article that said it was ok to wear the same outfit day after day especially if it is the latest in fashion. So, my kids are only allowed two outfits and they’ll wear them until they wear out. (I’m just tired of telling them to wear something else) Sorry, that means less hand-me-downs for you.
    But, once Rudi gets bigger than my kids, I’ll welcome your hand-me-downs.
    That reminds me, I’ve got a great pair of barely worn Barefoot Shoes for you!!! (Karlis’ shoes)

  2. I find my kids wearing the same clothes week after week out of necessity. Wash clothes, fold, put away. The same clothes are always at the top, in the most convenient location. Barefoot shoes, sweet! Maybe they are my size!

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