Small Town Gems #1


Our small town contains a vast array of gems; places, activities, and eateries that highlight the best in small town living.  Periodically I want to feature that which frames our slice of small town America.  While I am starting at number 1, this by no indicates level of importance.

The local public library is a haven for the reading souls, computer dependent, quiet seeking, homework reviewing, and overall library lovers in the area. On any given day, you may encounter puzzle playing, laptop dueling video wars, resume developing, book perusing people from all walks of life enjoying the library’s numerous offerings.

My most recent visit, with 3 kiddos in tow, was a mission.  My 5 year old was eager for exciting leveled readers, specifically super heroes.  While he was off searching shelves, the independent 3 year old scoured high and low for pink bindings.  She scored a few of interest and moved to block building.  The one year old, well he spent his family library bonding time dismantling and attempting to reassemble every puzzle available.  My favorite part of this excursion?  The few moments of quiet and tranquility that libraries necessitate.  But let’s get back this pearl.

Our library offers everything from story time to family genealogy sessions to various craft sessions!  Now that is a full service library and most is available at no cost.  Each summer we enjoy the story time as a way to break up our week and focus on family unity.  Our construction nut loves the Lego Club and I love that at least once in a while the miniscule pieces are at someone else’s “house”.  Also offered are a multitude of teen activities, such as movie night, game playing, and those only name a few things that are available to meet and reach that population. With the digital age upon us, the library is so much more than 4 walls housing rows of books!  Free e-book downloads, online classes, tutorial activities, and much more are available just around the corner.

The next time you looking for a family excursion, look no further than your local library.

Allegan District Library


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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Julie! Glad to see that you and yours appreciate all that the library has to offer. I’d love to repost it to the library’s FB page–would that be okay?
    (Your mom was in this morning, and told me about your blog.)

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