Freezer Pasta


Over the last several months, a blog all about freezer and batch cooking has been calling my inner time save self.  Dinner time at our home is a whirlwind.  Homework, playtime, and dinner prep all concurring at the same time makes for one worn out mama. teaches about the ease of cooking in bulk and stocking your freezer with premade meals or components of a meal.  Since I am at home on sick kid care, his nap time seemed like the perfect opportunity to tickle my cooking bone and give it a try.

Starting at something simple, like freezer pasta seemed a way to begin my “making life easier for  mama” journey.  Mom on a Mission provided the instructions and pictures, I’m a visual learner, so with colander  ready and pasta spoon in hand, I began my freezer prep odyssey.

In less than 1/2 hour, I had 3 lbs of cooked pasta cooling and divided into 6 freezer bags.  Since I did not have quart bags on hand, I used gallon baggies.  Looking at the bags, I will definitely invest in quart freezer bags for my next pasta showdown.  But eyeing the 6 baggies, I have a little time before I’ll need those quart bags.

If you are a mom or dad looking for a few more precious moments with kiddos, give freezer pasta a try.  I’ll update this when I am ready to use the pasta!  Already I am prepping my menus for the next few weeks; meatballs and pasta, buttered noodles and chicken, Asian veggie stir fry, spaghetti pie, and my list keeps going.

How to Freeze Pasta

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