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Happy Hearted

I am all for celebrating occasions that honor a person(s) life, a historical event, or even a movement for the betterment of humankind.  Valentine’s Day?  The day of love?  Really, do we need a date with our google calendars to remind us to spread some love or thoughtful appreciation of others?

Believe me, I am certainly not a Grinch. I believe that love should be celebrated and honored everyday!  Our children should feel comfortable enough giving a card whenever, not just when the calendar turns a magical date.  As adults, family, lovers, and friends, we express these happy, contended sentiments when the spirit moves us!

My disappointment in Valentine’s Day is that it is celebrated once a year, February 14, like Friday the 13, it’s a curse.  If anything, change the date every year, throw people off and see how many truly know the date.  Or take a year off from all the post-Christmas advertising, how many people would retain the date without all the hype?

Whatever the date or reason, I use Valentine’s Day as a time (not just day) to reflect with kids its meaning.  Books and stories about love, family, sharing with others, or talking about people who are not as fortunate.  The past few years we have, as a family, have made our own V-day cards.  Nothing fancy and definitely not costly.  In all, we spend about a week on the project.  It is not just signing a card, sticking it in a blah-white envelope, and calling it done, it is the conversations and togetherness that count!

This year, out of scraps of paper, I cut out random hearts, squares, etc.  M chose the combo and we worked together on the glueing.  He then got busy addressing each card, writing a comment, and drawing a picture of him and the addressee (his idea – YES!).  This year he asked if it was okay to write “friends” on each card.  YES!  Each night he meticulously crafted 3-4 cards.  While neither he or I are artists, we are both sentimental souls.  We engaged in talks about friendships, sharing, and even about saving money. He shared his feelings on life, school, likes and dislikes.  Those moments were worth more than a dozen roses, a fancy dinner, or new diamond this or that.

Hopefully Tuesday when M hands out his handcrafted, sincere sentiments, he feels a sense of accomplishment that he is truly sharing a piece of his heart.


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