Death of An Appliance


Thank you God for giving me a short year and half with my beloved blender and food processor.  Each brought hours of tearless onion chopping, creamy smoothies, and saved me hours of prep time.  Amen

What am I to do?  Both appliances unfortunately died and on the same day!  Oh the pain, will I actually have to hand chop all ingredients for gazpacho?  What about the kid smoothies, certainly no one will expect me to make those by hand too?

With pocket book in hand and family in tow, I went shopping.  Right away I determined that I did not want two appliances.  Oh to find a two in one product to last me longer than a year and a half!

I invested in a Cuisinart Smart Power Duet.  While disappointed that it is plastic made to look like chrome, it takes up less room, can easily be changed between the two units while prepping, and it’s a Cuisinart.  Reviews are mixed, but based on my short experience, I love it!

Now it’s time to plan this week’s menu.  Roasted pepper soup?  Corn and turkey pockets?

Smart Power Duet

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