Candle in the Wind


Recently we moved to a larger home.  Since we moved during the start of a school year, I am slowly working through non-essential boxes.  Today the kids and I discovered my 90s crux, beanie babies.  Tucked away for the last 17+ years, each stuffed critter once held dollar signs.  Now, they just hold little plastic beads that soon will be strewn carelessly about.  As the kids unpacked, aka dumped, its contents, I saw the methodically placed tag protector and special plastic cases for the big-ticket beanies.

What’s that?  What is that gingerly tucked in the bottom?  Why it’s my Princess Diana edition beanie!  Ah, she was once worth over $500 and now her only worth is the smile generated by daughter.

Your candle’s burned out long before
Your legend ever will


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