If you cook it, they will come


Ten years into the marriage and I am still attempting to perfect a few Latvian “staples”.  Piragi, bacon rolls, consist of a soft outer puffy roll filled with sautéed bacon, ham, onions, and black pepper.  Or as I like to say little pillows of porky heaven.  Transforming a simple roll into piragi is a Christmas time tradition.  My husband craves the intoxicating aroma of sautéed bacon and sweet savory dough.  Some years I make over 10 dozen and struggle to keep them around.  If people get word that piragi are in the house, we start getting calls, invitations, or people just plain begging.  

Tonight’s dinner was another attempt at sweet and sour sauerkraut.  While I did not quite nail the flavor profile I craved, 5 clean plates must mean something was right!  One thing missing – a tall, cold stout.  Prozit!

I’ll keep cooking, if they keep eating.  Each meal is a trip down memory lane for my husband, a lesson in Latvian cooking for me, and more importantly a family trip overseas.

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