Another one bites the dust


When living in a small town, a good bite to eat is sometimes hard to come by.  When we needed a delectable sandwich, juicy broasted chicken, or tasty desserts, we headed to Depot Hill Grocery and Deli.  It’s a place out of the likeness of Diners, Drive ins, and Dives.  Growing up, the grocery on the hill was our go to place for candy, pop, and bait on our way to Miner Lake.  When the Deli was added, our pop stop transformed to lunches of yummy egg salad sandwiches, warm homemade tortilla chips and salsa, chicken mole, and mouthwatering panini sandwiches.  The soups and sides could be a meal in itself, casseroles, beans, broasted potatoes, and our favorite, the loaded potato salad.  And the desserts?!  During pregnancy two, I indulged in almost weekly stops for the toffee dessert and sometimes “settled” for divine chocolate cake.  Never had something as simple as chocolate cake been something worth a trip across town.  When friends came home with a new bundle of joy, we picked up our own little bundle for them to enjoy.  Burritos, fresh chips, salsa, and of course a few helpings of mouthwatering desserts.  Ordering was always an ordeal, what sandwich?  Side?  Dessert?  All of this easily a 15 minute process, but so worth the extra time pouring over the menu.  This girl was never disappointed!

Today that little grocery and deli will close its doors.  Whatever the reason, Allegan is losing a foodie landmark.  When choices are limited, doors closing on a place that puts out good, affordable food hurts the entire town.

Another one bites the dust and when that dust settles, will Allegan be lucky enough to welcome another foodie go to?



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  1. What a shame! But I wish you had written this long before they closed. I guess it was a hidden treasure–I had heard rumors that Depot Hill was a good place to get food, but we had never tried it. Ed’s always looking for spot to get a decent quick lunch in Allegan, too, and that is conveniently close to North Ward. You make me very sorry that we missed out.

    I did hear that a real coffee shop is going to be opening on Water Street, where Archer Hicks used to be. That’s something to look forward to!

  2. Depot Hill has been on my radar to talk about, but unfortunately my post has to come at its demise. Another loss for Allegan. Happy to hear that there may be a rebirth of a coffee shop in town! Much needed!

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