Little Chef


Have you watched the movie Ratatouille?  If not, the basics are a mouse named Remy with an exceptional palette for delectable food and the boy he helps along the way.  The boy, Linguini, nicknames the pint size cook, “Little Chef”.

I have a couple of little chefs in the making.  Slice, dice, sauté, they do it all.  Recently, Twinkle Toes burned herself while swiftly stirring Pizza Soup (see Pizza Soup).  Lesson learned – pots are hot, do not rest your hand on the edge while cooking.  She proudly shows off her burn owie.  The oldest two have their own utensils; knives, peelers, measuring cups and spoons, and a whisk.  Don’t forget the cute, personalized aprons.

The aprons, like Superman’s cape or Wonder Woman’s utility belt, catapults the kids into budding foodies and little chefs.  Together we experiment with flavor profiles, food textures, and play ingredient roulette.

I have discovered the more involved they are, the broader their knowledge basin is on food sources, health content, and food costs.  Our 20 month old also likes to help.  His tasks usually involve chopping cooked carrots with a plastic knife, sprinkling in cheese, or dutifully watching the oven window with frequent updates of “hot” and “look”.

Like a merit badge, he’s almost earned his Little Chef title and personalized “cape”.


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