Laundry game


As full-time educators and parents of 3, laundry is an all day activity.  Sunday afternoon may be the day of rest for some, in our household, it is the Super Laundry Day.

Much of the laundry credit goes to my live in Laundry Mat husband.  He has a system for efficient cycles, no iron needed clothes, and a quick turn around.  If he did not do clothes patrol, the kids and I would be turning our underwear inside out for an extra day of wear. On this day of clean and freshness, my job is folding queen.  Not exactly crown worthy, but a notable task none the less.

To make my task a little less daunting, each kid has a personalized basket.  Countdown Laundry Game in 3, 2, 1!  The baskets are now goals, portals, or the laundry monster’s mouth, eagerly awaiting the great clothes sort.  Timer set, go!  With fairly good accuracy, their “game” improves each Sunday.

As referee, I charge fouls for misplaced clothes, unnecessary roughness, and call the occasional timeout.  The kids see it as fun, we know that it is teaching responsibility and beginning independence.  Come college, they too will be Laundry Mat pros.

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