Birthday Cake


Each birthday our kids get a couple of birthday traditions; a “birthday book” commemorating the year’s events and a cake of his/her choice.  Baking is not my strength, in fact, I detest baking.  I feel powerless baking, the oven window is not enough for me.  Once I place dinner, dessert, whatever, into the oven, it is up to the oven God.  No last-minute taste test, addition of a little of this, or a dash of that.  The Robot was my least successful.  I’ll blame 7 months pregnancy on his poor creation.  Each is a fun exploration back to my teen 4-H years.  I hope that in some way, I am making Mrs. Kinney proud.  If not, at least I spreading a smile on the birthday face.

This year, Little Chef is all things Lego or Star Wars.  My attempt at gray for the death star turned into an off putting hospital green.  Quick improvising resulted in Yoda.  With no pregnancy to blame this on, I’ll just say that the force let me down.

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  2. The most vital birthday cake idea for your kid is choosing a party cake concept that will fit with the party theme he or she likes to have. For starters, have a sheet cake that is simply topped and decorated all over with your kids’ most beloved figures or toys.

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