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Cleanout Cooking

Every few months it is necessary to freezer cook and clear out the fridge.  This week is that week.  With Spring Break less than a week away, I plan to work my way from the top shelf down.  In addition, I have a dozen hamburger buns left from Sunday’s porktastic birthday dinner.

Last night’s meal was Meatloaf Burgers.  A pound of ground turkey barely feeds our growing family of 5.  To make it stretch, I added a handful of bottom of the bag crushed wheat saltines, garlic powder, and grill seasoning.  While grilling, I mixed up the last few drops of ketchup and brown sugar for the true meatloaf experience.  Meatloaf burgers got two thumbs up from Little Chef.  With a side of corn and applesauce to round out the nostalgic dinner, I have a little less to clean out at the week’s end.

With 5 tilapia fillets and a 1/2 package of shake-n-bake to use up, tonight’s dinner paid homage to a Fillet-o-Fish.  After a quick pressing into the seasoning, I sautéed the fillets in a pan sprayed with non-stick spray.  We topped off the fillets with homemade tartar sauce and accompanied the sandwiches with green beans.  Again another successful freezer meal.  The little entertainer ate more than a quarter of the steamed green beans!  Little Chef promptly gobbled up his fish sandwich before touching anything else.

Hmm, what is on tomorrow’s menu?


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