Free Entertainment

Our three little ones are our exclusive three ring circus.  The oldest, the sensitive ringmaster, is full of imaginative play that often includes glimpses of sheer brilliance.  Somehow he manages to wrangle himself and the younger two into their own fantasy world.  Our middle child, the spirited sassy sister, is developing into quite the drama queen.  One blissful minute she is peacefully leaping and twirling, the next, she is a vengeful feline clawing anything that crosses her path.  The line up is complete with the little entertainer.  You know the song right?  So full of spirit and joy, the song evokes a smile and a tapping foot.  That’s our spit fire.  He devilishly dares to leap, ascend, and crash his way through life.  Then he morphs into a true comedian, flashing brilliant sparkling eyes and a wickedly mischievous smile, he will leave broken hearts and crying eyes someday.

Daily we try to get all three involved in a family game or project, but that usually only ends up with someone angry, frustrated, hungry, or crying.  And that’s usually me.  Why have a tv when that lineup in on the nightly schedule?!  Once upon a time, when our world was brightened by just one, our evenings were all about the interests of one.  Now?  We delight in the diverse playing styles, imaginations, and personalities that rock our world.  But more than that are the unique interactions of siblings.  I believe the oldest is a better listener, friend to others, and kind-hearted in part because he genuinely cares for  the younger ones.  Helping them to get items on a higher shelf, assisting with cutting, reading stories, or holding a younger one’s hand are all things learned early through sibling relationships.

Sometimes we need to turn down the volume on our “entertainment”, but with this combination, it doesn’t matter if we even muted it, we’ll be thoroughly entertained.

As life gets hectic, days stressful, and we have increasingly more worrisome parent moments, I need to sit down, turn up the volume, and drink in the free entertainment right in front of me.  This is the good life.


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