Have kids, will travel


Sorry for the delay, we were spring breaking it this week.  We love to travel.  Day trips, no problem.  A tank of gas weekends, sounds delightful.  A week get away, perfect.  Summer long travels, we long for.

The last several Spring Breaks, we have spent in various parts of Tennessee or up and down the South Carolina coastline.  This year, we decided on a budget friendly mini vacation .  I desperately missed the Tennessee mountain scenery, picnic lunches, and day long hikes.  At the same time, I longed for the sandy beaches, fresh seafood, and long strolls of South Carolina.

Instead, we did a 4 day trek in and around the greater Chicago area.  Sure, no beach location or luxurious mountain views, but no matter where the final destination, it is the traveling that I love most.  Our kids can pack a picnic lunch in a flash, grab day tripping gear in mere moments, and prepare an overnight bag with little hesitation. Why wait until kids are “old” enough?  What is old enough?  Sure an almost 2-year-old will have little memory of the trip, but he’ll always know the experience, the pictures of where mama and papa traversed with him, and the other kids readily recall the magical details of each outing.

We are budget travel aficionados.  Closest parks?  Nearby zoos?  Tank of gas excursions?  Camping locations?  Kids, any age, need exposure to a variety of people, customs, locations, and foods.  Start your kids young, grow up curious explorers and travelers.

Please do not wait.  Have kids?  Please travel.

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