Lent Leftovers


a bag of red licorice

Cherry Coke Zero

40 days, I made it.  This year for Lent I actually challenged myself with kicking not one but two daily vices.  Candy and Cherry Coke Zero.  Most school days I needed a Cherry Zero to carry me from 2nd period until lunch.  After the first week, the craving subsided and a remarkable thing happened.  My pocket-book grew an extra $5 each week and my water intact expanded by at least a liter. Not only that, but I survived a vacation without a lick or sip of a cold road pop.  As for candy, it was hard.  Students always have candy and readily want to share.  Each twist and turn another sugary bar, fructose nibble, or chocolaty morsel to smell, yearn for.  But I did it, I survived.  I turned down cookies because inside laid buttons of M&Ms, said no to Rice Krispie treats smothered in malted balls, and passed up a student’s offer of my ultimate sugary snack, red licorice.

And no, I did NOT indulge on Sundays!  Since I only recently heard that “option”, I did not partake.  Besides, a day for cheating?  Sounds sacrilegious.

Now, what should I do with my secret candy stash?


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