Holiday Traditions


I love Holidays;  Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Jāņi (summer solstice), I love them all.  Holidays are the reason for the season, the belief in that which you cannot see, and precious family time.

Almost all holidays have fallen victim to commercialism, but really does it matter?  Just because I saw an ad about Easter jelly beans, is that the reason I am celebrating?  No, you can have the jelly beans, billion dollar holiday virtual billboards, and latest and greatest this or that.  The family time, I want that.

Some people have moved away from the reasons for the seasons, right or wrong, I am not here to judge.   Many relish in various holidays as rites of passage.  Fall seems to be celebrated most with magical jack-o-lanterns and treating.  Thanksgiving is a time to remember the harvest and gathering of friends, neighbors, and family like that shared table so long ago.  In Winter, Christmas is about the sparkling lights, belief in the magical being Santa Claus,  and snow-covered paths.  Just as we get our wintry fill arrives Easter bringing enchanting glimpses of EB, Spring bounties of flowers and pastels, and delight of newness.  Post winter birth happening all around, vibrant colors to brighten days after the long, dark winters, all reasons to celebrate and say, “Welcome Spring”.  Many European countries celebrate Summer Solstice as a time to relish in the longest day of the year before the hard work of the summer farming, almost a blessing and welcome to summer.

Whatever the holiday, whatever the way to celebrate it, whatever the rituals – celebrate something.  Celebrate another season together as a family.  Light a candle for someone lost.  Wrap arms around each other, go for a walk and take in the beauty, and newness all around.  Holidays are something to be enjoyed.  If not for the spiritualism, thankfulness, or commercialism, bless the coming harvest, show jubilation towards the new beauty around, or take time as a family and celebrate you.  Rejoice in he, she, it which make up your lovely household blessed.

Happy, merry celebrations!

Easter Fun

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