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Snack Drawer

Like any child friendly kitchen, we have a snack drawer – a collection of goodies to tickle any taste bud or mood.  The snack drawer has been under locks from our 22 month old since moving into the house 7 months ago.  Many days I hear, “snack, snack” and get reluctantly pulled away so he can scour through the weekly items on hand.  The child lock is because the cupboard containing the snack drawer also holds my can and baked goods.  Some how I can see my little spit fire bringing me a can of tuna and demanding a casserole in return.

Recently the lock broke.  The first couple of days were a constant battle of wills.  His, pleading to open this container or that snack versus mine of resisting the urge to fix the lock.  6 days later the lock is still broke and I’m loving it.  I am not lazy, just needing a little down time after dealing with teenage toddlers all day.  When I get home from school with 3 kids in tow, my favorite moment of the day is snuggling and listening to their daily run down.  Getting pulled into the kitchen forces me into the reality that the dishes are not done, homework is on the agenda, and the evening meal is still just parts and not a summation.

Now, little man rummages around the Mary Poppins like drawer carefully choosing the right item.  Next he runs full speed saying, “Snack! Snack!  Open Peese!”  And I am left cuddling with kid 1, 2, or both, sometimes all 3, without having to break the warmth of our nest.

Our rule is one snack after school!  If they are still hungry, they can have a carrot or apple.  And if the tummy is still rumbly, then they help prep dinner and/or set the table to speed along the dinner process.

Snacks drawer finds (rotated weekly and mostly purchased at Aldi):

*items are organized in plastic shoe boxes*

natural fruit snacks

granola or cereal bars

100% juice boxes



homemade trail mix (cheese crackers, pretzels, nuts, raisins, M&Ms, mini marshmallows, honey nut o’s)

fruit or applesauce cups

raisins, dried strawberries, etc

Snacks via fruit bowl:




Fridge snack container:

*a couple of stackable plastic boxes*

cheese sticks or wedges

tube yogurt

Save yourself a little peace, if your kids are ready, get a snack drawer, caddy, or cupboard.

A few idea for your snack drawer:

Snack drawer organization

Refrigerator snack drawer


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