For my birthday dinner, I had a plethora of culinary delights to choose from.  Modern American, Mexican, Italian, Asian, Middle Eastern?  My stomach pushed the car.  Chinn Chinn was really the only choice, the right choice.  I know, I know, I recounted my last visit here.  But tonight’s dining experience has pushed Chinn Chinn to number one.  The reviews are on point.

A meal, as Food Network Chefs often say, is about feasting with the eyes, aromas, and then taste.  Our incredibly knowledgeable waitress, no waitress seems like a trivial term.  Food guide?  Too generic.  She spoke as if she was personally preparing our meal.  Every possible detail, from the preparation of the beef tenderloin to the enticing aromas to the flavors and texture of each carefully chosen ingredient, Ashley earned a James Beard award for purely and eloquently describing the food experience we were about to have.

My recommendation:  Beef Tenderloin Medallions – This item cannot be found on the menu, it is one that the regulars rave about and urge to not pass it up.  The Tenderloin is encrusted with peppercorns.  I expected a bit of spice and heat.  Instead, the hint of pepper at the beginning finished and melted away to a slightly sweet, melt in your mouth moment.  The medallions are presented with fresh, crisp broccoli and blue cheese wontons.  The pillowy, velvet wontons beautifully accompanied the beef like Guinness and cider, a harmonious marriage.  Like every respectable Asian restaurant, the meal is served with jasmine rice.  Tasty, but stick with the succulent beef and blue cheese pockets and you will have a little rice to enjoy the next day.

At some point during our lingering meal, I commented that each bite was so intriguing and worth savoring that I was neglecting my wine.  Chinn Chinn is that way, food so good that you will not want to rush the meal or fill up on beverages.  Instead you’ll find yourself pausing, trying to carve out time to ingest each aroma and savor each morsel.

Expect a wait and a foodgasm.


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