Thank You Corner


Recently my mom retired from 25+ years as a church secretary.  She has a gift for words and often used the church newsletter to express her thanks in a space called “Thankful Corner”.  Now that she’s retired, I thought I’d use this space to carry on the sentiments.

My first recipient will be my wonderful friend Sarah.   She is an amazing, beautiful new mom juggling a 13 week old and being back to work.  In the short time of our friendship, our conversations on life, love, family, faith and food always leave my heart a little lighter and my smile brighter.  Through our time together, I’ve regained my love for writing, cooking, and frugal living.  It doesn’t hurt that she shares my love for Aldi.  Every day she inspires me to be a better wife, mother, and friend.  Thank you Sarah for being you, warm, smiley you!

Take a minute and send out a thank you to someone one who inspires you.  Saying thank you is a lost art, let’s bring it back!

Our girls!


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