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Fennville’s Honey Hole

Twenty short minutes from our home is a culinary honey hole.  The problem is its popularity is wide spread, so often there is a lengthy wait.  Salt of the Earth in Fennville is quintessential farm to table cooking.  Recently our party of 5 enjoyed a relaxed 2 hour dinner.

Predinner drinks started off our meal strong.  SOTE has refreshingly, natural adult beverages.  From the house made bloody mary mix to red sangria, the drink menu does not disappoint.  We joked that the drink menu is reason enough for an evening out. My friend’s favorite is the Honey Don’t.  We have repeatedly tried to recreate this perfect nightcap, but it never seems quite right.  Perhaps it is because of the granulated honey that rims the glass or maybe it is we are not in the rustic, relaxed atmosphere of SOTE.

The food is like the local farmer’s market is stationed right in the kitchen!  Whatever is fresh and available drives the menu.  For our visit, one menu item called for morals, but since the moral farmer did not come through, wild mushrooms were the replacement.  Our table craved red meat so we dined on the Grilled Hanger Steak and the Grass Fed Beef Burger.  Nothing can match the natural, fresh flavors and attention to details.  Scratch made ketchup, bread, condiments, and buns continue their quest to produce wholesome, homemade food.  My only disappointment was that buttery beef had sat and looked dull rather mouth-watering juicy.  The flavors though almost made up for dry appearance of the meat.

I capped off the meal with Campfire Coffee.  No campfire needed to keep me toasty, the drink was a tummy and heart warmer all on its own.

Fennville does not offer much for after dinner entertainment, so head to beautiful downtown Saugatuck for a beach stroll, wine tasting, or a walk around the eclectic town.  Also, don’t miss SOTE’s Sunday live entertainment!
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