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Grill Master

I am mama grill master, hear me roar.  Okay hear me shut the door as I speed in and out of the house, wrangle 3 kids, tongs in hand, and try not to spill my drink.

Warmer weather brings a few of my favorite things; outside play without bulky layers, long sunny days, camping endeavors, and the smell of BBQ.  Porky heaven crusted with BBQ and grilling char is my kryponite.  Weak in the knees, drooling mouth, and soft gasps of pleasure, yes grilled pork is my summer time affair.

A few years ago my amazing husband honored my BBQ obsession with a trophy grill…4 burners, an external side burner, and built-in rotisserie.    Ahh, just talking about all of its glorious details has me contemplating what to grill up tonight.  My grilling passion multiplied after a night out at the Food Dance grilling class.  My friend Chris, also a grilling enthusiast, and I lounged on the Food Dance roof top, lazily sipping on cold beer, and took in the aromas and teachings of our evenings’ grill master.  As the sun set and the cool settled in, we dined on the grill”s bounty; brine chicken, refreshing melon salad, and grilled halloumi.  The enticing aromas cascaded down and around Kalamazoo luring other grilling nuts to sign up.  What a great marketing tool, free smells!

So tonight, I grilled up our family favorite, pork steaks and corn on the cob.  If you are a grilling newbie and looking for a grilling friendly option, try pork steak.  It is flavorful, easy to grill, and an inexpensive porky cut.  If you have not experienced grilled corn, think buttery popcorn, but sweet and succulent.  Yeah, it’s that good.

What’s on your grill?


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