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Proud to Be Here

Due to the current housing epidemic, we own a rental home.  With a new tenant moving in just days away, we decided to replace the oven/range unit.  Because our rental is over 100 years old, we knew that the opening for the unit was tight and a special order may need to happen.  My husband called our local appliance super center, Morgan Appliance, to see what they suggested we do.  Tom, an employee, said he’d take a look at the kitchen and unit spacing.  An hour and quick inspection later, Tom asked what we wanted and left.  Ten minutes later, Tom was back.  Out with the old, in with the new!  Yes, in less than an hour, we consulted with Tom IN our home, had the old unit out, and new one in.  The cost may be a little more than Home Depot or Menards, but would we have received level of service?  Would we receive $70 off, because the rental is just 2 blocks from the store and would be a “quick” delivery? We have yet to pay for the unit, “you’ll get a bill”.  That, my friends, is small town living.

This is why we choose to live here.  Raise our kids here.  Small town values.  Where a smile and a hand shake can get your bike tuned up, a new appliance, or a ring inspection.  Where you can call the local florist, get flowers delivered, and be billed later.  Where you can call a handy man and when he says he’ll be there in 5, means minutes, not hours or days.  Where a neighbor will mow your grass when you are away, neighbors watch each others kids, and genuinely look out for each other.  Where parents call teachers with questions outside the school day, students call counselors at home to discuss an issue, and where parents, community, and schools work together to provide the best education, learning environment, and nurturing haven for all.  Where the local churches help see that needy children have food for the weekends, community members help to pay for the less fortunate to go on a field trip, provide weekly family meals, a coat for the cold months, and back to school backpack and supplies.  This is happening here.  Everyday.  A community that supports and cares for one another.

There really is “Only One Allegan“.  I am proud.

Only One Allegan

Allegan Summer Tennis Program (age 3 – high school, plus adult doubles and singles)
Allegan High School

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