Thursday Thank You Corner – Voters


A heart-felt thank you goes out to the Allegan voters.  Thank you for caring and supporting future generations.  Through this millage extension may our children continue to grow and learn with 21st century technology, under leak-free roofs, in energy-efficient buildings, and experience safe, secure playgrounds and environments.  But this passage is about more than just that.  It is about the community joining together and declaring education and the future of Allegan a priority.

Thank you for moving Allegan forward!

Our community is one of the lucky ones, others try and try again.  Get involved, visit your local schools, ask questions of students and teachers.  First hand knowledge is the key.  Do not let media reports or school report cards guide your decision. Be proactive and make an educated choice. Our future, all of ours, depends on what we are doing today to prepare young learners for tomorrow and beyond.

Band together and help move your community forward.


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  1. It was interesting to see that all school millages in Allegan County passed this week! Is the economy turning around, or something? It just seems surprising… but good!

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