DIY Kid project – button mirror


I am slowly working my way through my daughter’s new room.  Gone is the 80s wedgewood blue wallpaper.  Now bare sun washed white walls greet her each morning.  My goal is to keep this DIY redo to under $50.  Currently, I have spent $20 on a wallpaper steamer and $3 worth of buttons and Tacky Glue.  Our local five and dime, Springrove Variety, lets you pick through a bucket o’ buttons at $2.99 (16 oz foam cup) a cup.

Using an old mirror, I dotted its surface with glue beads.  Giving each of the older two a dish of buttons, I let them go to work.  My “rules” were; try to spread out the colors and please (yes I begged) do not get glue all over.  Surprisingly, they only used 1/2 of the cup!  Now I have left overs for another fun DIY rainy day activity.

Finished product, success!


The next project will use the left over buttons and an old single pane window from my parent’s house.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Pretty cute! Keep it up – type A friend of mine. ;>)
    PS – we’ve got more clothes and costumes to send your way.

  2. Julie, I so enjoy reading your blog. Your are such a talented young woman & you definitely have your mother’s gift for writing in such an interesting way. I so admire all you do. May you have a wonderful Mother’s Day tomorrow. You are not only a blessing to your family but to many others as well, me included. God Bless you & your family!

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