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Friday Freebie – Movie Night

Our family has a Friday night ritual, Movie Night!  The menu is usually pizza, nachos, or fun dipping food.  The location, dining a la t.v., yes one day a week they eat in front of the t.v.  The entertainment is whatever movie is appropriate for all.  Another key part is the popcorn; air popped, stove top, or microwave.  It really does not matter.  Sometimes we will top it with parmesan cheese, have kettle corn, or have a popcorn smorgasbord.

Occasionally another family or two will join our Friday fun.  The more the merrier I believe!  Most nights, the little ones busy themselves with Legos or playing house, wandering in for a little bite or to see a quick scene and then are off again.  The Mr. and I relish in a down night, a peaceful snuggle with the kids.  No running around, no thoughts of work the next day, just chill-laxing as my HS students say.

Except for an occasional order out session or movie rental, the cost is free!  If you’ve read a few of my earlier posts, you know that we are all about traditions.  And movie night is another one of our traditions.  I hope that years from now when the house has preteens or teenagers, that we will still be enjoying our Friday nights together.  May our home be a haven for our children and their friends for a free night together, but is priceless.

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