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Cool Coffee on a Hot Day

Part of our summer is traveling M-40 S to the Three Rivers area.  Our drive takes us through another small town, Paw Paw.  This Memorial Day, as we headed home, we were delighted to see That Coffee Place was open!  We considered a quick tour of St. Julian Winery, but being close to lunch time, did not think our kids were up for it.  Hopefully later this summer…

The coffee place is right across from St. Julian and offers plenty of indoor and outdoor seating.  We were not after a lingering beverage, just road drinks to quench our thirsts for the remainder of drive home.  Our children greatly enjoyed their blended strawberry smoothie/lemonade concoctions. What a refreshing mix! My Dirty Blonde blended coffee, chocolate drink was the perfect pairing for the hot, relaxing day.  Another wonderful treat was the friendly, prompt service!   We travel M-40 S quite a bit in the summer months and plan to visit more often!

If passing by or through Paw Paw, take a minute to enjoy a friendly coffee joint!

That Coffee Place on Urbanspoon


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