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Inside out campout

Perfect plans need improvising.  Due to the low temps and perpetual downpour, we moved our School’s Out campout indoors.  We picnic dined on a blanket in front of a roaring fire.  No grilled pizza tonight, Vitales filled in perfectly.  Played an intense Nerf war session.  Followed all of it with indoor banana boats, our son’s specialty.

Banana Boats

a whole banana

chocolate pieces or chocolate chips (break up a chocolate bar)

mini or whole marshmallows (if large, cut into smaller pieces)

Slice the banana down the middle long ways.  Sprinkle in mini marshmallows and chocolate pieces.

If enjoying a wood fire or using a grill, place banana boats in foil and wrap loosely.  Cook near the heat for 1-2 minutes, open and enjoying with graham cracker sticks.

Inside out camping?  Simply place foil boat in fireplace.  In our case, little chef insisted on microwaving the boats, without foil of course.  It takes about 50 seconds with large marshmallows.


As you can see, little chef went a little overboard on the marshmallows.  😉


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