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Summer Schedule

First day of summer vacation!!  Step one to summer sanity, summer vacation schedule.  This morning the kids and I planned out a chunk of our summer.  Camps, free movies, library activities, free concerts in the park, learning time, and chores.  Whew, that was quite a list.  Next we divided up weekly chores and learning time.  The older two love rhyming or “titling” so we gave the days a label:  Make a Craft Monday, No TV Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Team Thursday, and Fun Friday.

Since a few of these were clearly not my ideas, I had to get some clarification.  Wacky Wednesday means we do a family wacky activity.  When prompted for examples (I was scared to hear), I heard stay in PJs all day or run through the sprinkler in our clothes.  Okay, not bad.  Team Thursday was my idea.  My husband and I sometimes like to divide the kids and have fun days.  Boys day and girls day.  Mama and the boys and daddy’s girl day.  Should be fun.  Fun Friday was the oldest’s idea.  His shared plans are picnics in the park, wii all day (so not going to happen), and day trips.  With the days mapped out, it was time to decide on daily “what to-dos”.

The oldest two worked together, I know I was surprised too, on picking a chore and a learning activity for each day.  Monday, clean their room and school work time.  Tuesday, clean the playroom/basement and family reading time.  (*Disclaimer – We read every night individually to each kid.  This activity as described to me, means that each of us will sit and read quietly for a set amount of time.)  Wednesday, clean the kitchen and windows (Not sure why the oldest two wanted windows, but I was not about to stop them.)  Thursday, clean the main living area and school work.  Friday, clean the garage, including bikes and cars, and family reading time.

Final step for the day, a sticker chart.  We practiced our measuring skills and made a large, family chart.  Whew, that was a lot of work.  All are down for quiet time, guess I better sign off and get ready for room cleaning and school work time!

The fun never ends.


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