Wacky Wednesday

Day 3 and the summer calendar is working.  After breakfast, the older two went and read off the today’s activities.  Besides dentist and a trip to the library were window cleaning and kitchen clean-up.

After a wipe down of all kitchen surfaces, it was time to tackle the windows.  All three were armed with wads of paper towel and smiles.  We went from room to room and wiped down the windows.  Since most of the marks are theirs, they could easily reach the prints.  Comments of “this is your hand E”, “someone smeared something here”, or “Barney (our dog) nose prints”, soon filled the rooms.  The oldest commented that it was the first time the windows were cleaned since moving in September.  Wait, did we clean the windows when we moved in?

Look, I can see the backyard again!

Moments after snapping this picture, a poor unsuspecting robin crashed into this very window.  Stunned, she flew off, leaving a trail of feathers and a face smear on the window.  Guess it will have to wait until next Wednesday…


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