Friday Freebie – Picnic in the Park


A few years ago my mother gave each family a Reisenthel market basket for Christmas.  Our basket is always stocked and ready for our next adventure.  It is preloaded with paperware, plastic ware, napkins/wipes, bug spray, sun lotion, snacks, and juice boxes.  At any given moment, I can grab it and know that it has the essentials for a road trip, picnic, or night away.  The important thing I have learned is to restock it when returning from an outing.  This is key to happy adventuring!

Today’s freebie is a picnic in a park, any park or backyard!  We threw together some sandwiches, literally the kids crammed things between two slices of bread, and within 10 minutes were out the door.  Our small town has many enjoyable picnic locations in the city and outlined areas to enjoy on a whim.  We decided to dine at a local skateboard, children’s park hotspot – JayCee Park along the Kalamazoo River.  The park was hopping!  Skateboarding, softball throw and catch, a company luncheon, a daycare outing, and numerous families out for a summer’s day enjoyment.  We sat along the river watching fish jump, listen to distant boat motors, and soaked in the sun’s warm rays.  The only vacant spot was the dog park, probably too hot for the mutts today.

My oldest said that we should try to “hit up” as many parks as we can this summer.  Great minds do think alike!

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