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Ron’s Pork Shack

Sometimes a stomach just drives the car. Since pulled pork is my weakness, we managed to twist our way into visiting the first family. First family because they are godparents to 2 of our children and due to it’s usually the first on the list when we talk about who we want to visit. After drooling through this post, I was longing for a Wilmington road trip. How awesome that later in the week, dear husband said he was hankering for some first family time! Yes!

Barefoot Rose was spot on!
The pulled pork was every bit worth the 3 hour drive; succulent, flavorful, and let me not forget about the sides! The beans were tangy, had a tad of a kick, and a hint of celery seed (my favorite for good bbq). Then came the slaw, I am a pulled pork topped with slaw kind of gal. The slaw, house-made as is everything else, was creamy without too much, crunchy, and just a refreshing accompaniment to the tangy bbq sauce. Sorry Barefoot Rose, but we may just crash again so I can try the pulled chicken next time!

For $19.99 we got a pound of said pork, 4 oz of bbq sauce (mild or spicy), 2 Lg. sides (beans, mac n cheese), and buns.  A great option for our family of 5!  Reasonably priced, perfect location (next to a park), and worth the gas money!

A Barefoot Rose By Any Other Name

I’ll admit that I drove here tonight to get a slice of Mama’s pizza. But, when I walked in the door a friendly lady inquired,

“Are you here for Mama’s or Ron’s?”

The ladies entering ahead of me bee-lined for the pizza. I felt a little guilty dosing out more rejection so I redirected my belly. Usually, we have Mama’s delivered, so, I hadn’t realized the two restaurants share a building. Pretty frugally smart if you ask me.


The food:
Cole slaw – good, looks homemade and if it isn’t then they’ve got a good source for it. I particularly liked the big, crunchy pieces of cabbage.
Pulled pork on a bun, easy on the mild sauce – the meat was juicy, tender, and flavorful. The sauce was very easy but you don’t need sauce on meat like this.
You know how McD and B-K use their buns to cover…

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