Happy Birthday!


A very happy birthday to our little shocker.  Yes, we were content with our little girl and older brother.  A child for each adult, ahh, we had it made.  Made, easy.  Then we decided to sell our remaining baby items and were looking to upgrade our family’s camper.  The rest as they say, is history.

A few months later, we found out we were expecting #3.  His arrival was an emotional time as we had to put down our first “kid”, our beagle Bella, on the very same day.  Some cultures believe that when an animal or human dies, its spirit is released and passed on to an animal just entering the world.  Wow, Bella sure speaks to us with our little guy.  As any beagle owner knows, they are determined, loving, happy, and always on the move.  Bella passed on the best of herself, as her presence is always with us.

Since we were in the process of RV shopping for our dream trip out West, little #3, was appropriately given the initials R.V.  Just as an RV conjures up feelings of adventure, fun seeking, and the ability to be “on the go”, so does our R.V.  He reminds us that there is always something to explore, life to get out and live, and happiness to spread.

Joke on us, 2 kids easy peasy.  3 kids?  A dream trip and lesson in all the best things in life; love, laughter, and a reminder that sometimes someone else is in control.

Happy 2nd Birthday RV!  These 2 years have brought us such joy and life!

Lakefront Photography

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