Sundae Monday


Today was the first day of our summer schedule craziness:

8:30-10:00 Tennis

11:00 Lunch

12:00 – 1:30 Older two and papa head to the pool for swim and play fun

2:00 Rest time for older two

2:30 Littlest guy’s 2 year well child in Kalamazoo

3:00 Chores and school work time

4:30 Dinner

5:30 Swim lessons

6:30 A much-needed Sundae break at J.J’s Shiver Shack.  $10.02 scored us a kid’s size scoop of cake batter, a kid size candy play dough (After hearing the name, I should not have agreed to a taste!), a regular root beer float, a Dora ice cream head, and a medium twist in a cone.  Not bad for an evening out.  We did consider heading to the nearby McDonald’s for ice cream and could have saved $4.00.  But our family loves to support local businesses and enjoy the opportunity to visit with our high school students.  Too bad the miniature golf is closed for the season.  Shiver Shack has the only mini-golf in town and will be sorely missed for our once a year round.

7:00  Library park and a stroll along the Kalamazoo river board walk.

What an awesome start to the week!

C J's Shiver Shack-Mini-Golf on Urbanspoon


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