Windex Moment



Do you remember “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”?  In it, Toula’s dad, Gus, was convinced that Windex cured anything.  “Put some Windex on it,” he would say.


Last week as I finished up my son’s birthday cake, I discovered that my hands, fingers, and nails were various shades of R2D2.  In an attempt to scrub them clean, I tried plain old soap, a scrub pad, nail brush, dish soap, and even Comet with Bleach, the powdered kind.  In the end, my hands were slightly less colorful, but still looked like my hands were in a tie dye gone bad experiment.  I gave up my quest for regaining stain-free phalanges and tidied up the kitchen.  As I grabbed the Windex bottle, Gus spoke to me, teased me to give it a try.  3 squirts later and a scrub with the Windex laden nail brush, spotless.


Gus made a Windex believer out of me.


Insect bites, scrapes, burns, the list goes on…


Windex (33/366)

Windex (33/366) (Photo credit: Chealion)

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