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A Trip Down Memory Lane


I’ve neglected my blogging lately due to a trip down memory lane.  No car needed.  Just a lot of time, some physical labor, and a patient family.  Garage sale mania has hit our household.

We have been putting boxes away marked “garage sale” for over a year.  So as we unpack these treasure boxes, we hop on board memory lane.  Remember when he got that for his birthday?  Oh, that was my favorite dress on her at that age!  Wow, I still cannot believe that we got that for a wedding present.  Gee, that was a bargain when we got it back 8 years ago.  And the sentiments go on.

Also heading for memory lane are boxes that my parents have lovingly stowed away since I left for college.  A cool 20 years ago, yikes!  These tubs cause lingering thoughts (Thoughts of, I used to collect that!  Or wow, that is surely the essence of the 80s.), quick tears, and many additional hours of labor.  Their basement has been a “free” storage haven for the last 30 years for the 4 “J” kids.  What will become of that space?  Time will only tell.

Tomorrow at precisely 9:00, the garage door will open and memory lane will be up for sale.

Oh and a lemonade stand, what kid hasn’t had a garage sale lemonade stand?!



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