Garage Sale Lessons


Tips for Success
Know your clientele and price accordingly.

Advertise well.

Label tables and items clearly.

Have a few hanging racks as well.

Create an easy flow pattern, space to move around, and clear aisles.

Place larger items out front to generate traffic.

Have a lot of plastic bags on hand.

On hot days, lemonstand stands are popular.

Post a “no restrooms” sign.

Have a clear system for tags, pricing, and tracking money.

If having a multi-family sale, establish works times, expectations, and responsibilities for all parties.

Prepare for hagglers and how you plan to deal with demands.

Check all items to see if they work and label them WORKS if they do.  They will sell better.  Consider having batteries on hand to show people that an item does work and have an electrical outlet available to test items.

If it is hot in your garage, bring out fans.  Overheated customers do not linger to browse.

Finally, greet your customers, offer to carry items out, and say thank you or thank you for stopping.  Happy customers spread the word betray than any other type of ad!  🙂

Things to Avoid
10 cent items.  If its worth a dime, charge a quarter.  This speeds checkout.  If it is not, consider a “free” bin.  Surprisingly, a free bin generates traffic and leads people to come in and spend and see what other deals they can find.

Avoid running a sale alone.  Always have at least 2 adults on hand.

If you have kids, try to keep them away from the sale during peak selling times.

It is garage sale season, so rummage through your home looking for treasures to pass on.  Happy garage sale!

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