family, parenting

Little Lessons

Lessons about dying are hard at any age, for anyone, anything.  Recently while on vacation, we received word that our son’s fish, Fishy, passed away.  For a fish that he remembered to feed once in a blue moon, Fishy sure received the water works.  After a good half hour of consoling and talking about the people and animals that Fishy will meet in heaven, we were able to get M to calm down, somewhat.  As a memory keeper of Fishy, M scoured Lake Huron’s rocky shoreline for the perfect tombstone to take home.  Days later and a few hundred miles, M hopped out of the car and hunted for his art kit.  Half an hour later, Fishy’s memento was complete.  When asked where he would like to put the stone, M replied by the koi pond and by Bella’s stone.  Side note: Two years ago we had to put our beloved first “child” Bella, down.  We honor her importance in our lives with a stone by the koi and froggy pond.  Boy would she have loved that pond!  M knew that Fishy would love to be by its fish cousins and Bella.  I learned something that day.  Death is hard, but with someone to watch over us, it can be easier.  Not easy, no, but perhaps at least it can calm the heart.


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