So you think you can blog


“So You Think You Can Blog”  will soon be hitting the tube, stay tuned!  Okay, not really.  Friends, with smirks in their eyes, say “so you think you’re a blogger”?  So that question lead me to ponder, am I a blogger?  Just because I choose to air my musings on a public forum, does that make me a blogger?

So I ask you my readers…
Is a guy sitting at home whittling ducks, an artist?
A grandma supplying plates of cookies or loaves of love, a baker?
A teenager singing for friends, a singer?
A woman filling notebooks with poems, a poet?
Yes, yes they are.  Who am I to define or categorize these people.

I’m a full time parent and teacher enjoying my part time blogging life and I love it!  Writing has always been my outlet, my way to let my hair down.  Notebooks filled with poems, tears, stories, and just life moments are tucked away here and there.  In haste, I once trashed my ramblings from high school.  Oh the horror!  Sometimes I discover bits of paper full of life’s jottings in an old purse ar hidden in a book.  Do these tidbits mean I’m a writer?

In the last 2 weeks I have discovered blogs by women that I already knew.  Imagine that, women with things to say!  Everything from small town living to parenting to the barefoot lifestyle.  We have thoughts to pass on, stories to tell, and our hearts to open so follow along.  Or don’t.  Either way, we are bloggers so hear us roar!  Or at least read our pages.

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  1. I think in some sense the duck whittler and love loaf baker may be even more true to their art that those who are published and recognized. I am not a person who believes that something is artistic only when it’s obscure but I do believe that art and expression dwells in freedom. And when one is just living life and writing, whittling and baking as an expression of self and intent it’s more art that some great painting commissioned and painted by a famous artist.

  2. But Julie you are a blogger and an excellent one at that! I am loving our posts from the variety of parenting advice, to the recipes, and musings. I felt very much the same way you do with my blog in the beginning. Now, I am not enjoying the writing process as much as using it as a sharing location for family and friends. I hope you continue to enjoy the writing process and continue it for a long time so that I can keep reading your posts! 🙂

  3. I started writing in a journal 15 years ago after my best friend died. It helped me a lot. I poured out my anger and grief. My writings helped me move through the hard times.
    I started blogging this past January; I think you and I started at about the same time.
    I believe we’re bloggers, Julie. Yes we are.

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