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Parenting has taught us one great lesson, flexibility.  Most of the time, we live by a sliding schedule.  Wake up time and out of bed time is determined by the day’s events or the alarm clock.  During the school year pillow time and wide eyed time is pretty secure. But come summer, we bend with life’s moments.

While enjoying  Lake Huron, we played in the sand and watched the tangerine sunset melt behind the magnificent Mackinaw Bridge.  That beautiful sight, the infectious laughter of children, and us being in exactly that spot was worth the later bedtime and harder next morning.  Waiting for night to fall for a romp around the yard to hunt fireflies, a childhood moment worth every minute of lost sleep.  Nap or rest time everyday is needed for each of us.  Somedays though, the pool calls us to linger a little longer, a lunch picnic spills over to an afternoon adventure, or perhaps a rainy day movie session.

We are a family steering this ship.  Not just children determining our up and at ems or the days comings and goings.  Some days one or two may not like the early rising, late nap, or adventure choice, but as a family we will go with the flow.  A family friend once gave us parenting advice that children are a part of the family, not the only thing.  You know what, he was right.  Our lives are a little less hectic and we have enjoyed more family odysseys when we took his words to heart.

This summer at 2, 3, and 6, we are relishing in our strength and unity in flexibility.  For it to work, we have to work together.  Family flexibility, we learn a little more with each outing!

Mackinaw Bridge at sunset

Late night snack in PJ’s

Lake Huron sunset castle time


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