Taco Boy


The last few months Facebook posts have talked about the new, area Taco Boy.  No kids, Home Depot shopping, and lunch with hubby, a relaxing day.  Except it was not so enjoyable when most of the meal was spent comparing the food to Taco Bell.

A new Taco Boy recently joined the fast food stretch between Otsego and Plainwell.  We finally got the chance for a visit.  Right from the start, not impressed.  The cashier did not know what the green sauce was except for jalapeno.  Guacamole and salsa verde were no where on the menu!  Two of my Mexican must haves!  I settled for a mini wet burrito and drink, $6.99.  A bit much for a fast food “special” in my opinion.  My husband got a dry burrito, side of refried beans, and drink, $6.39.  I also wanted to try the chips and salsa, $2.26.

The first bag of chips were stale and chewy.  The replacement bag was better but El Matador chips found in super markets are tastier.  The salsa was fresh, had a hint of black pepper, and overall okay.  My burrito was nothing special.  Ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, and beans rolled in a flour tortilla topped with red sauce, cheese and onion.  The refried beans were the tastiest part of the meal.  As a note, they do not make their own mild taco sauce (little packets) and little cups of sour cream cost an extra, $.24.  So much for homemade and inexpensive.

I will give the new restaurant a chance to warm up before returning.  If we want fast food Mexican, Taco Bell’s fresco taco, burritos, or Cantina Bell menu have fresh pico, grilled corn, and grilled meat, more flavor and better prices.  Better yet, a trip to Big Burrito in Kalamazoo is worth the gas!  Taco Boy, more like Taco Toddler.  It has growing to do; cashiers need to know the ingredients, check chip freshness, and rethink prices.


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  1. Is Taco Boy the actual name of this restaurant? So it’s not the one on this side of downtown Otsego? We have eaten there–once!–and are not likely to return. Very disappointing. However, we LOVE the Los Amigos in Kalamazoo right next to Sweetwater Donuts! Great margaritas, and a shrimp cocktail unlike anything you’ve ever eaten. Delish!

  2. I may well be the only person you know that has never been to a Taco Bell. Well, that’s not absolutely true – I went once a very long time ago and I’m not sure I even ordered anything. Might have been a “Petey” stop. However, I just saw a commercial for something in a bowl that looked tasty. Might have to stop in.
    Also, I’ve never been to the Big Burrito in Kazoo. One of these days.

    • I can count on 1 hand the amount of trips to Taco Bell in one year. Not many. The new fresco and Cantina menu are tasty. Worth a pull through the drive thru.

      You MUST try Big Burrito. It is off Drake and has super tasty burritos. You thought I was going to say hamburgers right? 😉 Try the grilled veg burrito!!

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