DIY – Chalkboard Door



Need a quick change for a kid’s room?  Try painting the back of a door with chalkboard paint for hours and years of entertainment!  I used Rust-oleum black (also available in green) Chalk Board paint.  The paint is available at most home improvement or hardware stores for less than $5.00!  I painted 3 doors and still have 1/4 of a can remaining.  It takes about 2 coats and dries quickly.

At the ages of 6, 3, and 2, it is a source of constant playtime!  Plus, I can see teenagers using the board to write notes, poems, phone numbers, or friends leaving messages.  Hey, I can even envision myself writing a huge “CLEAN YOUR ROOM!” message in the coming years.  The third door is in our bar/entertainment area.  Everyone from kids to our adult friends, love to draw pictures, scribble messages, or leave the “Joe was here” line.

In my daughter’s room, I used some thin rope and tied together a few pieces of sidewalk chalk.  Then I hung the chalk bundle from the door knob.  No loose chalk rolling around or getting smashed.  Have fun!



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