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Star of Saugatuck


Looking for a romantic evening aboard a sunset cruise?  Do I have the experience for you!  Without the high cost of a Caribbean cruise, head to Saugatuck for an evening full of majestic views, calm waters, and a peaceful hued sunset aboard the Star of Saugatuck.

Every night during the summer months, the paddle boat makes an  1 1/2 journey through the Kalamazoo River from downtown Saugatuck out to the lovely Lake Michigan.  Aboard the vessel, drinks and light snacks are served.  Our evening trip was one of the few cooler nights in July and I was later thankful my hubby decided to purchase a new Marmot jacket.  To help warm up, I enjoyed a warm cup of joe with a splash of Kahlua.  The scenery warmed my heart as the joe warmed my bones.  Ahh, what a lovely evening!

Our evening was crystal clear and the sun tangerine orange.  As we made our way out down the river, the smiling sun morphed from shades of marigold to tangerine to a final ripe peach.  Along the way, a young fawn came quietly out of the woods for a river sip.  Once out to the channel, the choppy water prevented a spin out in Lake Michigan, but the night was more about the .  The ever cheerful captain spun the boat around and we hung out in the channel until the last of the radiant sun slipped away.

The Star also offers other cruises, is kid friendly, handicap accessible, and is rentable for private cruises!

Quick note:  If looking for a coveted upper deck spot, arrive early!  It is first come, first available and upper deck seating is limited!



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