Brown Be Gone


Over Labor Day, an outdoor wedding is to take place in our backyard.  At one time the lawn was lush green, weeds evacuated, and decking in place.  This unfortunate drought has left our yard with a brown landing strip, weeds camped out like teenagers for the Bieber fever, and a Mississippi mud hole where decking once stood.

The underground sprinklers timed for every other day simply are not enough, but last month’s $100 water bill for just the sprinkling, hit the pocketbook.  Work on the septic system required removing decking and thus another hit to the purse and plans for another project.  Early in the summer my SIL and the bride to be, eradicated most of the weeds.  But raising three active little ones, leaves little time for weed maintenance.  I tried getting them to pitch in but the youngest seemed to think that pulling up all the prettiest plants was the task at hand.  Oi vey.  The biggest issue is the brown stripes.  No one likes brown stripes, anywhere.  What to do?

Then I came across this article.  Spray Painted Lawns – This is probably my best option!  Cost effective, looks great for wedding photos, and little maintenance!  What do you think?



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  1. I just saw someone on TV talking about spraying the lawn. I wasn’t paying close attention but I don’t recall hearing any negatives.
    I say go for it – and take pictures, of course.

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