Quite a Spectacle


Like my hearing aids, eye-glass wear is a necessity.  Each morning as others are grabbing a cup of water, I shove in my ears and put on my eyes.  At least that is what I tell the kids.  “Wait, let me get my ears and eyes on!”  Without both, life is a blur and hummingly quiet.  But I have young kids and long to hear and see each waking moment.

Eye wear and I go back almost as long as my hearing devices.  I remember in the 80s sporting a pair of pink Sally Jessy Raphael glasses.  Boy did I think I was hot.  (Insert eye roll and gag here.)  Over the last 10 years, some how my choice in glasses has been relatively the same but varying shades of brown or black.

Oldest to newest, bottom to top.

As I near —-rty, I long for a fresh perspective on life.  So I branched out of my brown/black comfort box, and went with funkadelic purple.  Okay, so maybe the new frames are not so funkadelic, but I’m hoping they impart an extra spring in my step, shave a few years off around the eyes, and give me an overall new view on life.

I am not getting any younger.  Our kids are still little.  And many days I long to look a little more sassy, a lot more jazzy.  May my new spectacles create quite a spectical in my life.


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  1. Are you sure you aren’t embracing your inner Sally Jessie Raphael again? 😉 I like the purple. I just got gutsy enough to go from nearly-non-existent frames to the bold dark brown. Well, come to think of it, I was the same age you are now when I did that. Hormonal influence?

  2. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 9 years old. I also took a trip down the “Sally” road and thought I was kickin’. I’m due for a new style soon. I’ll have to decide if I want to “blend in” or “scream out.”

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