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Goldies – Three Rivers

On a recent mini Garezers vacation in Three Rivers, we visited Latvian owned Goldies.  For our family, it has become a yearly tradition.  But honestly, the homemade soups are worth the trip any time.

Since I am a pulled pork gal, I tried the pulled pork sandwich.  The toasted bun was a nice touch and helped to make sure that the bun did not fall apart.  Something that often happens when the pork is too saturated in bbq or au jus to keep it moist.  The tender pork had a nice mild bbq sauce on it along with the optional creamy coleslaw.  The sandwich was perfectly balanced between the pork, sauce, and slaw. I like a little more smoke flavor and a few chunks of bark in my pulled pork, but overall good pulled pork.

But the highlight is the soups.  Last year I had the Carrot Carraway soup and was in heaven.  Unfortunately, that was before my blogging endeavour, so no pictures.  This trip I tried the Zucchini Dill soup.  The soup is served cold, perfect for the hot muggy day of our visit.  The soup is creamy, flavorful, and the dill not at all overpowering.

Zucchini Dill Soup
Goldies in Three Rivers, MI

Let me put it this way:

I would eat it on a boat.
I would eat it with a goat.

I would eat it here or there.  I would eat it anywhere.

But I will not share the Zucchini Dill.  Go to Goldies on your own freewill.

It’s mine, all mine.

Next time you are in Three Rivers for a sporting event, a Garezers outing, or just passing through, stop in and order the soup of the day and a pulled pork sandwich.  You will not be disappointed!

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