What am I reading?


At some point in any educated conversation comes the question, “what are you reading?”  Recently I finished off a few more Stephanie Plum books.  Easy reads, but most of the time I am reading a few pages at a time before I am called to mama duty.  Boy I wish I was as feisty as Miss Plum and sometimes wish I could have a job where I could pack heat.  Other times I am busy reading children’s books.  My favorite right now is Every Cowgirl Needs A Horse.  E and I love to get our country twang going for cover to cover Southern love.

But what I am ready more than anything else this summer are blogs.  Blogs about life, small town living, and everything in between.  Here are a few that I tickle my fancy.
1.  Ellenalive.blogspot. com
When I started blogging, I wanted this space to highlight the beauty of our small town.  Along the way life took over and I rarely found time to tell about our town’s jewels.  In comes this entertaining, witty blog about Allegan!  Ellen has captured some of our town’s beauties, delighted with interesting oddities (Read the shoe posts and see how many you have.), and left me laughing out loud to my tablet (toilet paper post).  So if you are looking for some Allegantucky, visitor guidance, or just overall entertainment, check her out!

2.  asthebreadrises.com

Beth writes about life, love, Him, and all things in between…while raising 5 kids.  She has a way of turning parental “duties” or issues into laughable moments.  I need to learn that lesson a little more.  I will keep reading and chuckling along the way.  Read “meat department” and you will find great humor in lunch meat.

3.  michiganfoodanddrinkguide.blogspot.com

Since we no longer get the Kalamazoo Gazette, Terry’s blog is my foodie source.  For instance, his newest entry was about the new Big Burrito Portage location.  Yeah, another BB for me to enjoy when on the “other” side of town.  Plus, since I long to be a true foodie blogger, I take lessons and pointers.  He is my foodie idol.  Someday my schedule will clear and I’ll hit the open road in search of the area’s foodie destinations.  Until then, I’ll keep reading.

4.  barefootrosebyanyothername.wordpress.com

The Rose behind this charming blog was my motivation for starting a blog.  It was one of those “if she can do it, I can do it” moments.  The blog serves as my push for what I should be doing, getting out and exercising more.  But I don’t, so I keep on reading to see what else she has up her sleeves.  It keeps me connected and grounded.  While not a barefoot gal, I am trying to embrace exposing the toesies to a little more green grass and a little less cowhide.  It is working as I have found that I have to wash my feet almost every night.  The entry that the hubs and I still talk about is “beside water“.  You will never look or drink from an open container quite the same.  As my husband found out the hard way just 3 days after reading the post.  Hee hee hee, better him than me, because I would be dehydrated all the time.

So if you are like me and looking for a read that is a little more down to earth, a lot more colorful, and so you, try following a blog or two!  Besides mine of course!  There are great blogs about families, food, crafts, DIY, etc.  Give it a try!


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  1. I’m glad that you followed the trail. Your blog is a definite positive addition to my own blog roll. You’ve even shown me that I don’t need to be so long winded in my posts! Keep writing about the things you love.

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